The Telegraph – How appalling upfront fees add up

 ‘I paid £11,000 for six weeks of care’: how ‘appalling’ upfront fees add up A Sunrise nursing home in Winchester; one Telegraph reader was charged £6,000 in entry fees by Sunrise Elderly residents at two of Britain’s biggest care home operators are being forced to pay “administration charges” of up to £6,000 – just for moving in.  

The charges are ostensibly used to cover clinical costs ahead of a resident’s arrival, but industry insiders have described them as “appalling and unnecessary”. Barchester Healthcare and Care UK, which collectively have around 20,000 residents, both charge residents a fee equivalent to up to two weeks’ care before moving in.

Last year, the average cost of nursing care surpassed £1,000 a week for the first time. One Telegraph Money reader, who wished to remain anonymous, was charged £6,000 when her mother moved into a home operated by Sunrise Senior Living.

3 March 2018 | Subscription Required