Our Software

Valuing Care has built a range of unique software tools based on our models and templates that enable commissioners to better control and understand the care market.


Valuing Care’s Purchaser software enables commissioners to record, analyse and control all their complex packages of care in one place. By combining individual case records with Valuing Care’s models, commissioners can obtain a plethora of benefits.

Advantages Include:

  • Purchase a new placement in any care home in the country knowing they are receiving value for money.
  • Understand overall profitability of an existing placement.
  • Measure the sustainability of specific cases and analyse their underlying cost.
  • Inflate placements individually based on their underlying profitability and cost.  

Market Manager

Strategically manage the cost of all your complex commissioned cases in one place through Valuing Care’s Market Manager software. Combining individual case records with Valuing Care’s models at an aggregate level, commissioners can get an overview of their chosen market. Adding additional sources of data such as CQC reports and provider financial reports give the holistic view needed to manage a difficult and high cost caseload. The ability to see Provider overviews and manage inflationary uplifts gives control in a ever changing market.

Advantages Include:
  • Generate an overall view of your market spend, operating margin and staff pay rates.
  • Manage inflation yearly uplifts with targeted measures for those providers in need.
  • Generate specific provider pages that aggregate all packages in one place with provider health indicators such as CQC reports and financial accounts.
  • Target Specific placements with greatest operating margin.
  • Gain early warning of placements with the lowest level of financial sustainability.

Commissioner Software

Are you responsible for setting key fee rates for your local authority or NHS Continuing Health Care Team? Commissioners can now use Valuing Care’s Commissioner Software to set area wide rates. Valuing Care’s models have been used by commissioners since 2008 to survey and benchmark rates to ensure sustainability and value for money. In that time the company has developed templates, methodology and data aggregation tools that produce realistic and sustainable results.

Advantages Include:

  • Benchmark their current fee rates. 
  • Use our specifically designed templates to collect local residential.
  • Generate survey results based on templates collected to inform future fee setting.
  • Scenario model inflation and other cost pressures when projecting future fee rate increases.

Care Cap Software

Coming Soon – Valuing Care’s Care Cap software bring together the best of Purchaser, Commissioner and Market Manager to create a comprehensive solution to managing the Care Cap. The software will enable the user to manage the market both for local authority funded individuals and self funders alike. By enabling the ability to add additional services such as larger rooms and additional activities to a standard package it will enable self-funders to have their packages recorded against the cap whilst displaying transparent pricing information on what is allowable expenditure. 

Advantages Include:

  • Evidence base calculations of fair price for care fee rates.
  • Benchmarking Against Valuing Care’s VFM rates and other nearby authorities.
  • Breakdown of additional service costs likely to be required by self-funders including extra staffing, larger rooms and higher property costs.
  • Provider template upload so that self-funder additional services can be bought and stored easily.
  • Storing and updating of individual self-funder contracts providing outputs into a self-funders Care Cap account.
With the Care Cap implementation date of October 2023 fast approaching get ahead of the curve by having a conversation with us now.