Experts in the purchase, analysis and negotiation of costs in the UK care market.

We are uniquely placed to provide an insight into what represents a fair price for care services.  Well-recognised as the market leader and industry expert, our unrivalled skills and knowledge, combined with our comprehensive database of cost averages sets us apart from anyone else in the market.
As care fees specialists, our team ensures value for money care packages, for both commissioners in health and social care organisation, and individual self-funders who pay for their own care.  We also work closely with care home operators nationwide to calculate a fair price for care.

Self Funders

We help people who fund their own care understand the true costs of delivering services: understanding the cost structure enables them to have an informed discussion about the quoted price .


Our range of commissioning support services across adult, older people’s, children’s, and CHC help commissioners secure value for money services. Whether you want us to manage financial reviews and negotiations on your behalf, or provide you with tools to undertake it in-house; Valuing Care will ensure you have the tools available to negotiate a fair price for services.


Valuing Care supports provider organisations to deliver efficient services, and ensure pricing is fair and competitive. If you’re a care home provider and want to ensure your current fee levels are fair and competitive in the market, Valuing Care analyses costs to help you achieve sustainable, transparent pricing for care.

Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services are provided by skilled accountants, financial analysts and social workers with many years’ experience of working with public sector and provider organisations. Our combined expertise spans all services. We believe that services should be purchased for a fair price that ensures fairness to both the provider and purchaser.

Online Tools

Over 11 years of data collection, analysis and audit has enabled the company to develop sophisticated and trusted cost models which determine the fair price that a purchaser should expect to pay for a service in a specific geographic location. The company has now developed IT solutions to enable citizens and professionals to negotiate a fair price for a service.