About Us

Valuing Care provide a range of financial commissioning, negotiation and data services that bring transparency, and identify value for money for commissioned care services. Since 2005 the company has worked with over 91 Local Authorities and NHS trusts to establish value for money, and through its market leading MyCareCosts service has led the way in determining an independent benchmark for what costs should make up a care package

Valuing Care has extensive experience in purchasing, analysing and negotiating care rates across health and social care; and provides a range of services for self-funders (people looking for care homes for friends and relatives), commissioning organisations (local authorities looking to purchase care home places), and also care providers.

Caregiver and her patient out for a walk in the garden Experts in the market, our analysis and work with organisations over the past decade reveals a unique insight into the current UK care market.  We have invested significant time and resources examining rates to create a comprehensive database of thousands of individual care placements.  This data highlights value for money costs, which takes into account significant regional variations; a unique offering that sets us apart from anyone else in the market.

Valuing Care is in a very strong position in the market thanks to the contribution of a highly skilled team which includes accountants, commissioners and social workers who have experience across local government, NHS, and healthcare; a team with a genuine commitment and interest in helping  customers achieve better value for money.

Regularly approached for comment and opinion by the media on the cost of care, our team is well-recognised as the leading industry experts on the purchase, analysis, and negotiation of costs in the UK care market.

Valuing Care works with many commissioning organisations, self funders, and providers to complete a diverse range of services.  Whether you’re an individual funding your own care, a local authority, or a care home, our team ensures value for money pricing.