Care Home Fees Calculator

For people who are not eligible for local authority funding, the cost of moving into a care home is expensive.

As one of the largest financial decisions in our life time, often people accept the first quote, or leave existing high fees unchallenged. However, fees ARE negotiable. Free and easy-to-use, the Valuing Care Fees Calculator lets you know if Valuing Care have assessed the fee as Value for money.

Cost Breakdown

If the quoted fee has been assessed by Valuing Care as not good value,  you can contact Valuing Care and purchase a PDF document summarising the “model costs” for the specified placement. Fee £120 (inc VAT).The Valuing Care model costs breakdown provides you with the benchmark to understand the costs and make informed judgements as to what you feel is acceptable.

The breakdown is based on one bed, so it is useful to know how many occupied beds the provider has as this will enable you to understand how the individual costs relate to the overall establishment costs.

As an example:

  • If our cost model expected a weekly cost for a gardening service to be in the region of £5.92 per bed and the care home had 66 beds this would equate to an overall weekly cost of £390 / annual expenditure of £20,370
  • This would reasonably assume a full-time salary for one person (including on-costs – NI/ pension / cover / AL etc)
  • If the provider in this example stated gardening costs of £10 per week you would be in a good position to challenge as this would equate to almost double the model expected rate.

Please note that fees are set by the providers and buyers cannot insist they pay the model rate, the charge rates are not overseen by Government Legislation.

If there is a high demand for beds in your area then the provider may not be willing to engage in a discussion about negotiating fees however the information may be a useful to challenge annual inflationary uplift requests.

To purchase the cost model breakdown please contact us.