Purchaser Software

Valuing Care’s Purchaser software enables commissioners to record, analyse and control all their complex packages of care in one place.

By combining individual case records with Valuing Care’s models, commissioners can easily:

  • Purchase a new placement in any care home in the country knowing they are receiving value for money
  • Understand overall profitability of an existing placement
  • Measure the sustainability of specific cases and analyse their underlying cost.
  • Inflate placements individually based on their underlying profitability and cost

The software enables practitioners to specify individual needs, including the shared care, individual hours and therapies and then calculate the associated model price for a placement anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales.


  • Allows all assessors to follow the same pricing decision matrix.
  • Facilitates real time cost comparisons of individual packages.
  • Enables commissioners to record pricing decisions against care homes, buyers and locations.
  • Generates detailed care hours and cost specifications to support contracts and facilitate reviews.
  • Automates inflation uplift and exceptional pricing without having to get into lengthy negotiation with providers.
  • Builds location-based data into the system to allow bespoke cost rates by CCG, local authority, regional or national level.
  • User authentication at an individual and administrator level.
  • A clear audit trail of purchasing calculations and decisions made.