Care Cap Sector 18(3) Brokerage Software

Valuing Care’s Care Cap software takes data from Fair Cost of Care (FCOC) exercises and self-funder surveys to populate their workflow software. The software provides the tools required for local authority brokers to meet their section 18(3) requirements to support self-funders in arranging care.

Using Purchaser and Commissioner as the base, the software enables commissioners to:

  •  Load a Catalogue of registered private providers onto a workflow system
  • Set additional service elements prices for first party top-ups
  • Work with providers to get Best Value for self-funders with clear and transparent prices
  • Create bespoke printed contracts that can be used for self-funders in their arrangements with private providers

Benefits will include:

  •  Storing and updating of individual self-funder contracts providing outputs into a self-funders Care Cap account 
  • Benchmarking Against Valuing Care’s VFM rates and other nearby authorities
  • Breakdown of additional service costs likely to be required by self-funders including extra staffing, larger rooms and higher property costs
  • Provider template upload so that self-funder additional services can be bought and stored easily
  • Evidence Base Calculations of Fair Price for Care Fee Rates

The software is primarily constructed to be used by Local Authority brokers, meeting their obligations to support self-funders under the 18(3) requirements. However, it can be adapted to be used as the base for a self-service module that can be used directly by eligible self-funders.