Bespoke Consultancy

Valuing Care employ a range of experienced commissioners, project managers and accountants with extensive experience in health and social care, who can provide a unique insight into the market.

From reviewing current fee tariffs and pricing systems through to business case development, their expertise can be leveraged to provide our customers with the evidence base to inform decision making and ensure the best use of available resources.

Examples of Bespoke Consultancy Services

Desktop Reviews – Valuing Care have a proven range of cost models that accurately calculate fair prices for services, reflecting levels of care and support, local staffing costs and property values. This facilitates benchmarking of current fee tariffs and pricing systems, highlighting services which are potentially over or under priced.

Financial modelling – Valuing Care’s extensive knowledge of cost structures within the care sector makes it ideally placed to model the impact of costs pressures and legislative changes affecting the sector. Workforce shortages, inflationary cost pressures and the impending introduction of the care cap, are all likely to have significant financial implications which need to be quantified and managed by Councils and the NHS.

Training – Valuing Care offer a range of training opportunities for commissioning, procurement, and finance staff, to improve their cost analysis, price review and negotiation skills. All courses are individually designed to meet our customers particular needs, with prior consideration of their existing procurement processes and pricing systems