Valuing Care use their data an expertise to supply commissioners with a range of solutions to help them manage the provider market.

Commissioning Software

Valuing Care has built a range of unique software tools based on our data models and templates:

Valuing Care’s Purchaser software enables commissioners to record, analyse and control all their complex packages of care in one place.

Market Manager
Strategically manage the cost of all your complex commissioned cases in one place through Valuing Care’s Market Manager software. 


Are you responsible for setting key fee rates for your local authority or NHS  Continuing Health Care Team? Commissioners can now use Valuing Care’s  Commissioner Software to set area wide rates.

Care Cap – Coming soon
Valuing Care’s Care Cap software bring together the best of Purchaser,  Commissioner and Market Manager to create a comprehensive  solution to managing the Care Cap.

Cost of Care reviews

Available across all areas of care spend in the public sector, Valuing Care’s Cost of Care Reviews define the standard in determining a fair price for care. Tried and tested project methodology ensure a robust and systematic approach is used.

What’s included with Cost of Care Reviews:

Market Surveys of underlying costs 
Systematic processes for the collection of cost data including whole area approaches with bespoke templates.

Data Analysis and Reporting
Sound statistical techniques that enable cost data to properly reflect the market. Open and accessible reporting to commissioners that provide a sound basis for setting market rates.

Model Comparisons
Using Valuing Care’s unique data and models, commissioners and providers are able to benchmark their local cost surveys and current rates with a unique third-party source of data.