Self-Funder Cost Surveys

In addition to our Fair Cost of Care reviews, Valuing Care conducts self-funder residential and domiciliary surveys so that commissioners can better understand self-funder purchases and their costs in the local market.

For the reviews, Valuing Care engage with local providers to improve data on operational costs as well as the number of self-funders, providing a dataset that can be used to model the impact of the Care Act reform.

The review consists of 3 stages:

A cost survey dedicated to collecting self-funder operational data – this can be run in conjunction to a FCOC exercise or separately.

Data aggregation and reporting – Valuing Care will take the survey information received to arrive at median prices for likely additional services that can be provided for in care homes where a self-funder is paying directly but needs to be supported by the Council.

Data Load and Modelling – The company can load the information into brokerage tools so that self-funders the Council can use this information for the Care Account administration and support


Understanding the additional services that a self-funder can purchase above the usual price capped amount, supplies evidence to the council of what counts towards the First Party Top Up.

This information can provide the basis for implementing aspects of the 18(3) Care Act requirements and can support self-funders from October 2023 when purchasing care.