Provider Quote Generator

Our Provider Quote Generator takes new placements referred to a provider and generates a quote for that placement based on underlying costs.

Quick, and easy to use, with consistent pricing.  It speeds up a previously laborious, manual task!

For providers of residential care placements, ensuring pricing is fair and transparent, is more essential than ever, particularly at a time when there is an increase drive for commissioners to source best value for money.  As part of this process, the requirement to evidence value for money in the delivery of your services is paramount to gaining new business.

There is no doubt that commissioning teams need better information to really understand care costs and get a grip on where budgets are spent, and by using our online Care Provider Quote Generator, providers can help commissioners understand the real break down of costs.

Quick and easy to use

Our new Care Provider Quote Generator is the first technology of its kind. It enables providers to quickly and simply load core activity and cost information to a secure online portal. This data can be easily tailored to an individual placement to generate a detailed quote to support a response to a care request. By providing the purchaser with an understanding of the underlying cost of the care package, it not only evidences how the proposed price has been determined, it demonstrates transparency in terms of the true cost of care and how this is reflected in quoted fee rates.

It's great news for providers:

  • Generate a quote in just 5 minutes!
  • Ensure price visibility and transparency.
  • Deliver better value for money placements and care for your patients and the NHS.
  • Reduce time spent on processing placement quotes, and reallocate time elsewhere.
  • Get a better understanding of your costs


Distinguishing between different mixes of residential need, home size, staff to patient ratios and cost levels, the model not only constructs an evidenced based fair pricing model to establish the validation of a quoted rate, it also expedites requests for changes in fees going forward. By generating a detailed care hours and cost specification to meet the care need, the breakdown can be attached to a contract and reviewed periodically. This facilitates the identification of changes arising from original activity levels and cost revisions, such as pay and price inflation.

It also removes the need to undertake breakdowns of costs for every placement, and means providers can get back to commissioners straight away.  Ensuring price visibility and transparency facilitates more effective purchasing for commissioners.

Easy-to-use, Valuing Care’s online costing tool combines our unrivalled market intelligence, data averages and cost models to simplify existing processes and encourage better working practices.

Find out for yourself, and watch our webinar below for an overview.  Alternatively, we are able to provide one-to-one demonstrations of how our online costing tool can support your care home.  Contact us to arrange a demo.


The evidence-based approach of the on-line tool includes:

  • Cloud based infrastructure affording secure and straightforward access to activity and cost information
  • Web access to allow concurrent usage within an organisation
  • A clear audit trail of quote calculations and decisions made
  • Detailed care hours and cost specifications that can be downloaded to excel or printed off to support a contract and to facilitate reviews