Provider Organisations

Valuing Care has been collecting and reviewing the cost of care home services for many years, and as such have well-established and effective processes.

We work with care providers to analyse current fee levels and ensure the services provided deliver value for money for both commissioners and self-funders; in today’s ever changing and challenging care home market, competitive pricing is imperative for a prosperous and sustainable future.

We work with thousands of care providers to review rates and ensure market prices are competitive, covering all service areas including learning disabilities, mental health, older people, children’s and physical disabilities.

We undertake cost of care surveys with care providers on behalf of local authorities in order to help them get a better idea of the usual cost of delivering care services. As a care provider, by taking the time to participate in the surveys, it is an ideal opportunity to influence the results.

Our Care Provider Quote Generator takes new placements  referred to a provider and generates a quote for that placement based on underlying costs.  Quick, easy to use, and speeds up a previously laborious, manual task!