The MJ – Meeting Care Act Requirements

Self-funder support: are you meeting Care Act requirements?

With the Care Act due to have a significant impact on local authorities, and its implementation impending, it is ever more pressing for social care departments to understand the additional support required for those who are responsible for funding their own care.  

Many councils are yet to prepare and there are areas that must be given priority; key aspects that need to be administered to support implementation of the Care Act. 

The Act introduces new duties and obligations on local authorities in terms of those who pay for their own care, and as such there is a requirement to implement ambitious changes.  Regardless of whether people are local authority funded or responsible for paying for their own care costs, good quality information and advice must be available to everyone to help them make the right choices. 

Already there are implications on local government, and councils need to get started now as from April 2015 there are important changes to be met and achievements made.  The tasks for councils now is to review existing advice and information services, and be in a position where they can provide good quality, comprehensive information for people on how to fund their own care, and support and direct them to independent financial advice.   

28th November 2014 | Ray hart