High 50 - 1st November 2013

Care home fees_cost increase_how to save money Corbis A global community for people over the age of 50 who believe the journey, in all its wonder, has only just begun features Valuing Care. The publication covers the topic: Your folks' care home could set you back six figures - even with the proposed cap. Fees specialist Ray Hart has tips for cost control. Read the article here

High 50 - 7th October 2013

VCFM_care homes finance_620 CorbisWhen establishments go broke, residents and families suffer. Fees specialist Ray Hart outlines how to reduce the risk. Across the UK, there are weekly news reports of residents and their families campaigning to fight care home closures. But why is it happening so often? The usual reasons cited include falling demand (which is debatable, given an ageing population), increases in utility costs, failing to meet industry standards, or the simple fact that the books don’t add up. Read the ful article here