How much should you be paying for residential care?

Ray Hart is interviewed by Radio 4 You and Yours.

Listen to it here | 20 March 2017

BBC Radio 5 - Live Daily - 23rd February 2016

Ray Hart is interviewed by Adrian Chiles AC

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Extract 2 - What is a fair price for care?

BBC Radio 4 - You & Yours - 25th January 2016

Ray Hart, Director at Valuing Care, is interviewed by Winifred Robinson Care home fees for people funding themselves could rise by between six and ten percent by the time the new national living wage comes into force in April, according to industry watchers. We hear from…


How much should you be paying for residential care?

Ray Hart is interviewed by Radio 4 You and Yours.

Listen to it here | 20 March 2017

LocalGov - The Scrutiny of Foster Care Costs

The cost of fostering has been in the press recently as figures have been published stating that independent foster agencies (IFAs) are increasing the cost charged to local authorities for placing children with families.

According to one report the average weekly fee for council registered carers is £396, while it rises to a staggering £759 for IFAs; 92% higher. All of this embroiled against a backdrop of multi-million pounds dividends for investors and huge director salaries.

Such highly inflated fees give rise to one very important question; why aren’t foster care costs subject to the same level of scrutiny as other social care costs?

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Valuing Care Ltd specialises in reviewing the cost of health and social care services across adults and children's domains. Since its inception in 2006 the company has advised and assisted over 185 Council and NHS groups in reviewing the cost of local care services, making recommendations as to what represents a fair price for services. chart close up data deskThis experience has allowed the company to develop and refine its processes for surveying care providers and identifying the usual costs of care. Valuing Care have used the collective intelligence from previous surveys to construct a range of cost models that calculate value for money rates for care services. Valuing Care prides itself on its independence in the market and its objective approach to identifying usual costs.

The Telegraph - Care Costs could decimate your assets

Care costs threaten to decimate the wealth that elderly people have spent their lives accumulating, but what are the options available to keep costs down?

The price of care has risen in recent years, thanks to a combination of short supply, care home operators struggling financially, and cuts to local authority budgets. An individual in need of nursing care can now expect to pay over £50,000 a year on average, if they have income and assets that exceed the £23,250 threshold above which care has to be self-funded.

According to healthcare research firm Lang & Buisson, the average fee for self-funded nursing care – which includes medical care from registered nurses – is £1,000 a week.

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