Tender Support 

Commissioner and providers both want the tender process to be smooth sailing, and by improving tenders it both encourages competition and ensures suitable companies are selected.

Valuing Care provides support and advice to commissioners on how best to construct a tender as well as advice on what providers to connect with.  To help you create a compelling tender to attract the providers you require, we also provide an insight into effective ways to avoid the most common tendering mistakes that cost both time and money.

Our tender support service is suitable for anyone involved in a commissioning role.

  • Compliance checking

Often a small detail in procedure is sufficient to warrant a challenge, so ensuring tenders meet the rule of fairness, transparency, and equal treatment is essential in order to avoid delays in awarding contracts, or indeed having to pursue the costly re-tender process.

Our compliance checks reduce the risk of both costly re-tenders and legal appeals.


  • Pre-tender review

Ensuring that proposals set out in the business case fully comply with regulations, well before checks are made, can make a significant contribution to the effectiveness of a tendering process.

Our Pre-tender review services ensures procurement requirements are met and that you are making the most of the new opportunities for more effective commissioning in the future.