Self Funders (Private Payers):  Negotiation Service

The majority of private payers accept the first quote for a care home placement without question despite it being one of the biggest expenses in their life time.  However consider this, at £500 per week, the average length of stay in a residential home totals £60,000, if Valuing Care helps you achieve a 10% reduction (£50 per week), it saves £6,000 over the duration of the stay.    contact us to see if we can help you!

Our  fee is £660 (Inc. VAT) and includes:

  • Independant Social Worker commences a search of placements using the CQC website and identifies a minimum of 3 homes with current vacancies
  • Provides you with a “checklist” of care home requirements to support you through the selection process
  • Once you have identified the placement of choice, coaches you through the fee negotiation approach
  •  Reviews the contract from a Social Worker perspective: This is not a legal review it is a social work observation and summary of the items that may require further clarification


If you’ve already found a suitable care home, and are concerned the quote from the home is too high (remember you can double check using our FREE calculator ) , and let Valuing Care coach you through the negotiation to try and secure a saving.