Children’s Services

Children’s placements do not appear to be subject to the same level of financial scrutiny as adult placements.  In fact, our key findings reveal that current placement fees typically exceed Valuing Care’s calculation of a fair price by up to 20%.  Additionally, councils that do scrutinise fees are confused about the educational costs, and providers are using this to their advantage.

Valuing Care assists councils to address these issues and evidence value for money children’s services.  The creation of new processes and procedures to optimise the procurement of children’s services is imperative moving forward. Data is a key part of this, and Valuing Care’s cost data provides the level of management information needed to support smarter decision making, our services include:


Our reviews of Post 16 High Needs Learner (HNL) support costs include cost surveys and analysis, along with design of price models

Financial review and negotiation of existing service packages

Valuing Care can either complete the entire process on your behalf, or if you prefer to undertake it yourselves, we are able to provide independent verification.

Bespoke training courses to equip you to manage negotiations in-house

We provide support and advice  on how best to construct a tender, and insight into effective ways to avoid the most common tendering mistakes.