Case Studies

Our customers span commissioning organisations, care providers and self funders.  We’ve worked with more than 100 NHS and local authority organisations, and 1,300 providers. Here are some examples of our services to County Councils.

Kirklees Council and Kirklees CCG

Logo for Kirklees CouncilNHS Greater Huddersfield, NHS North Kirklees CCGs and Kirklees Council work together to manage the Complex Disabilities Care Market using Valuing Care’s Purchaser Software. With co-terminus boundaries and a desire to manage a complex and costly market, commissioners across the three organisations have got together to find a better way to bring transparency and value for money across their commissioning spend.

The organisations evaluated the best options on the market and chose Valuing Care’s Purchaser software as their preferred way forward. By doing so they knew they could access tried and tested models of calculating prices whilst also ensuring that they embedded their knowledge and expertise into their respective organisations.

Working in partnership with Valuing Care they are collecting;

• Underlying cost details of their targeted residential packages.
• Staff rotas relating to each individual package
• Comparing this information to Valuing Care’s national and local models to provide a detailed breakdown of cost per package.
• Storing all of this information into their own environment within the Purchaser software so all information can be captured once and reused over future years.
• Using Valuing Care’s software and models to manage inflation requests from providers.

Over the summer months the commissioners have worked with Valuing Care to further enhance the software to enable it to meet the scheduled reviews being undertaken and are now using the software for a programme of schedules reviews with providers.
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Dorset Council

With so many underlying pressures in the care market, Dorset Council recognised that they needed to tackle the situation through a detailed review of all their commissioned residential costs. As market leaders in the field, they chose Valuing Care to work on both projects, taking a different tact in the two areas to ensure they got the most value added from the work.

Dorset asked Valuing Care to collect information on all their current residential packages and load them onto their Purchaser software to create a Dorset specific cost model. 

Looking across the market they concentrated on two key areas:  

• Older People’s Residential and Nursing Care 
• Learning Disabilities Residential, both in and out of the County

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Central Bedfordshire Council

Over time, Central Bedfordshire have worked with Valuing Care on a number of care costs projects to provide them strategic oversight and transparency of costs in their care market.

In 2021 they again called on the company to work on 2 key projects:.

  • Cost of Care Review for Older People’s Residential and Nursing Care
  • Learning Disability Placement Review using Valuing Care’s Purchaser Software

Valuing Care conducting a cost review of care homes for older people within the Central Bedfordshire area. The Council were keen to separate out the additional cost resulting from the COVID pandemic. To facilitate this, Valuing Care requested two years of cost data from care home providers, with aim of calculating the financial impact on operating costs.

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Newham Council

Newham were keen to meet the requirements and were also aware that it had been some while since they had conducted a full local cost of care survey. Following discussions, Valuing Care set out a bespoke project plan that took the DHSC guidance and combined this with Newham Council’s local needs. In addition, given the timescales, they were keen to bring in a company with experience based on previously completed projects of this nature.

The cost of care project will include the following client groups: 

• Older People’s Residential and Nursing Care 
• Learning Disabilities Residential, both in and out of the County
Mental Health Residential Packages, both in and out of the Borough

For each spend area, Valuing care will survey the market and produce model rates that meet the conditions set out in the DHSC guidance. With a DHSC deadline of September 2022, Newham Council will be completed well within those timescales with an estimated completion date of June 2022.  

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Staffordshire County Council

Logo for Staffordshire County CouncilValuing Care completed a cost review of Post 16 High Needs Learner (HNL); to develop greater understanding of HNL support costs and whether it represented value for money. A pricing model was also developed to purchase packages of support on a fair and consistent basis. Valuing Care surveyed all FE colleges in Staffordshire to identify the level of staff input, and the associated cost of supporting a sample of HNL. 

The identification of median costs, and corroboration against our benchmark data, provided the Council with a good indication of the usual cost of delivering support locally.

The results helped to develop and populate a cost model to inform future HNL funding decisions. 

Key Benefits:

  • Established processes for engaging service providers and reviewing the reported cost of delivering services.
  • Increased intelligence on how support costs vary to meet the needs of HNL.
  • Development of a cost model based on identification of the usual cost of delivering services.
Dorset Joint Commissioning Group

Logo for Dorset Clinical Commissioning GroupIn response to a request for a large increase in fees from a national provider organisation, Dorset Joint Commissioning Group worked in partnership with Valuing Care to undertake a cost review of all the specialist care home services delivered by the provider. The objective was to assess the reasonableness of the current fees, thereby informing a decision on the requested fee uplift.

Valuing Care benchmarked the reported cost of the provider’s services against its cost model and national intelligence of care home costs. The review concluded current fees were in excess of a fair price. 

Key Benefits:

  • Established processes for engaging service providers and reviewing the reported cost of delivering services.
  • Service audits to obtain first hand evidence of the level of service being provided and to ensure commissioners are getting what they are paying for.
  • Achievement of savings from service providers that want to partner the Council and offer competitively priced services.