Bath and North East Somerset Council and CCG

Logo for Bath and North Somerset Council BaNES Council and CCG were keen to ensure that the prices they paid for services should give regard to the usual cost of delivering services but also ensure that value for money was being achieved for residents and taxpayers To ensure a fair and equitable approach the council commissioned Valuing Care to complete a cost of care review which included an independent survey of the costs of delivering services locally. 

Every CQC registered provider in the area was invited to participate in the survey and the anonymised results were presented in a report.  This work enabled BaNES to develop pricing and procurement strategies based on improved intelligence, which seek to ensure the sustainability of the market within the limited financial resources available. 

To date Valuing Care has completed a cost of care review for older peoples’ residential and community services and are currently embarking on 2 new projects to include younger adults specialist services both in the community helping people to continue to live at home and residential establishments.

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